Full Proof  Ministries   

Non-Denominational International Church 

Lady V. Verlean or as she is affectionatley called by some "Sis. Cookie" Is a born leader and a lover of people, She would rather work behind the scenes, although she is called to serve on the frontlines. She is known for her warm and caring personality.  Lady V. is the The mother of 4 Children and Grandmother to 4.  She is a praying woman who deligently prays for her family and others. She has a strong Spiritual Heritage handed down to her through her maternal Grand Mother Emma B. Allen who has birthed a line of Pastors & Preachers, showing them all a life of love, intergrity, dedication and prayer. Those who meet and know Lady V. know her to be a Worshiper; she has been a Worshiper from a little girl. She is a  PK Kid (Pastor's Kid) and has been around church most of her life. 

Lady V. Verlean Rededicated her life to Christ in 1994 where she continued her service at Faith & Deliverance Church (then of New Haven, CT) under the guidence of her parents Pastor O. G.and Co-Pastor Verlean Bittle. Lady V. fulfilled many assignments and roles including: Chief Outreach Coordinator, Choir Director, Funddraiser, Ministerial Leader of Praise & Worship, Alter Worker, and Prayer Warrior to name some. In culmination with her experience in life & ministry through Deliverence Ministry: Prayer, Fasting, Intersession, and "Laboring with Souls" has given Lady V. Verlean the capacity not only to birth but to sustain ministry. 

Lady V. served faithfully at her local assembly before marrying and following her husband Elder Daryl M. Whiten to Back To The Bible Church in December of 1996. There she continued her service unto God in faithfulness.  At Back To The Bible Church/ Outreach Center she served under the leadership of Overseer Viola Moore as Sunday School Teacher, Children Choir Director, Choir Member and Praise & Worship Leader Under The Minister of Music Elder Elliot J. Moore, Outreach Worker with her husband. 

She is a lady of compassion for all people, especially the down trodden and those overlooked by many. Her passion led her to start Sisters of Standard, a evangelical mission that ministers love to woman, women who have been bound by issues related to mental & physical abuse, drug abuse/ addiction and street life etc. She is a mentor to woman of all ages and walks of life. She is a confidant to women who feel they have no other earthly ear, especially those in pastoral and ministerial positions. She is Secret Keeper who intercedes on the concerns of these ladies. Sisters of Standard is developed from these characteristics and to address these and other issues. She is a nuturer of woman loving the from women of disenfranchisment, to woman of standard.

Lady V. Verlean Whiten was called into a higher level of service in December of 2011 and was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and again as she is called to be a Matriarch as she follows her husband into Formal Public Ministry.