Full Proof  Ministries   

Non-Denominational International Church 

Overseer Daryl M. Whiten submitted his life to Christ 1993 after walking around for decades in what he calls Spiritual Amnesia. He considered himself to be "un-churched", believing he had little to no church background. As a young adult he knew little about his religion of choice (Christianity). Because of this condition Elder Whiten did not consider that as child in the early to mid-70s being brought to church by his mother who was a member of the Pitts Chapel Freewill Unified Church of New Haven, CT under the leadership of the late Bishop Lonnie Gorham.

Bishop Gorham was a radical preacher and thinker, a man who challenged the thinking of his church and denomination. Elder Whiten was influenced by the atmosphere that Bishop Gorham's leadership provoked, an atmosphere that encouraged Male Involvement, infectious love and a sense of community. Also evident in the services and prayer meetings was the undeniable move of the Holy Spirit complete with Speaking in Unlearned Languages & the Interpretation of Tongues.

For the summer months Elder Whiten would go to his Paternal Grandmother’s home. She was a member of The Mennonite Bible Church of New Haven that was led by a family of 'Quakers' out of Pennsylvania. Again an indelible mark was etched into his heart by The Church. He was moved by their commitment to the inner city, to the children, youth and young adults.

The culmination of these experiences were etched upon his heart and would help him to navigate through the darkness that is life outside of Christ

After surrendering to Christ and being baptized by Bishop Theodore Brooks of Beulah Heights Church of New Haven Connecticut. Elder Whiten acquired a profound hunger and love for the Word of God, knowledge, and a desire to share this love with others. He would share his love of the Scriptures with those around him and in his community.

After being faithful at the church of his re-initiation for over a year Elder Whiten would come to Back to the Bible Church of Ansonia, Connecticut and would call it his home for the next 18+ years. He would continue sharing his love for the Scriptures in Home Bible Studies, Street Evangelism & Open Air Preaching; often carrying a Karaoke Machine and Microphone to The Housing Projects of The Ansonia and New Haven areas. His Pastor Overseer Viola Moore would make him the Captain of The Witnessing Team.

Back to the Bible being a Bible based church often gave tests for retention and apprehension; Elder Whiten maintained an “A” point average over the course of time and testing. He became known for his passion for the preached or taught Word of God, his unction and of his zeal in Praise and Worship. Integrity and accountability were also his perceptable traits as he served faithfully to all assignments, church services, Bible studies and scheduled prayer times, including his roles with The BTTB Choir and The Trustee Board. Over time he would become an acknowledged Lay-leader within the church.

In 1996 he would marry his lifelong Praise Partner Lady V. Verlean Whiten. They are the proud parents of 4 children and 7 grandchildren... In 2003 he would share a presentation with his Pastor Overseer Viola Moore about a vision the Lord gave him in 1993 concerning young adult and male envolvement. She would successively commission him to begin Save Our Sons Inc. Elder Whiten began to intensify his urban outreach and social advocacy efforts, often working with other organizations helping impact spiritual and social needs within the greater New Haven communities.

In 2005 Elder Whiten began pursuing a Bachelors in Human Services with a concentration in Business at Albertus Magnus College completing and graduating with his Bachelors at Post University. In 2007 Elder Whiten was commissioned into ministry and was licensed as a Minister in Detroit Michigan through the Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies testing and licensure process June 2007, and was ordained through their testing and ordination process on June 12th 2009 in Columbus Ohio. His Pastor receiving instructions from the Lord that he be sent to take the Elder's Test with about two week's notice. Years of Preparation and God’s providence saw that he received high grades and see that he received full Ordination. He would serve faithfully as Pastoral Alternate.

Overseer Viola Moore prophesied and confirmed publicly; declaring that Elder Daryl Whiten was called to be a pastor and the he would be in his church by the end of the year.