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One Body, Many Members

Christ Body Global (CBG) is an International Mission Collaborative that represents the Church (The Body of Christ) across the world. We exist to unify Believers in all nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures, across all denominational lines. In this regards, we inspire to motivate missional and altruistic works internationally. Humanitarian efforts for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.

Christ Body Global Represents Believers all over the Globe. the Body of Christ: You & Me! Together We can Affect Change!


  • Our mission is to make Disciples in all nations to the extent that the Kingdom of Heaven is colonized. According the Matthew 28:19–20, John 3:3-5


  • To equip believers for the work of Christian service, and to build up the body of Christ globally. According to Ephesians 4:11-13


  • To move towards fulfilling altruistic and humanitarian efforts. According to Matthew 25:35-36 & James 1:27


Our Vision is to become a Catalyst and Nexus between Local, Regional, National and International Christian Churches, Ministries, and Organizations

We envision being a resource where Local Churches and Ministries Can have Access to Global Ministry. Some Churches/Ministries may not have the time, or human resources to invest in foreign missions; by investing on CBG they can become Recognized hosts in collaborative Humanitarian and Missional efforts

We envision being a  Unifying Mechanism between Nondenominational, Denominational Churches and Ministries. To the extent that Collaborative efforts could be Leveraged to Realize greater on the ground impact and influence.

Our Vision is that ministry engagements, fellowships and other expressions of Christian practice would present the Body of Christ Globally.


We define "Values" by the by the way at which we carry out our mission. There are many commendable work ethics and values. Our cultural values can be summed up in this acronym: E.P.I.C.

Excellence: as Kingdom advocates we will strive to present services with distinction and quality.

Professionalism: We will conscientiously display conduct that supports our faith and profession. 1 Timothy 6:11

Integrity: You cannot have holiness without integrity. We will manifest the quality of being undivided in the codes of holiness; this means displaying Integrity in who we are, what we say, and what we do.

Charity: you cannot have true ministry without God’s love. Therefore we will exhaustively strive to display the giving character of love in all that we do.