Full Proof  Ministries   

Non-Denominational International Church 

Hello Friends,

My name is Elder Daryl M. Whiten. Lady V. Verlean and I would like to welcome you to the ministry's website. You are encouraged to come fellowship with us in Worship on Sunday or any scheduled Service... Meanwhile look around our new site to begin to familarize yourself with us. 

Before coming to Christ I always considered myself to be a "Non-Practising Christian." In other words I knew little about my Faith, and was not living according to what I did know or believe. After submitting my life to Christ I began the journey of learning what it means to be a Citizen of The Kingdom of Christ!

At FULL PROOF MINISTRIES our desire is that you too learn about and are encouraged to "walk out" your Christian Faith and spread the Good News of The Kingdom Of Christ throughout the systems of the World!

May Our Lord direct your paths as you journey according to His WiIll and through his Word. In this I bid you GOD Speed!


Elder Daryl M. Whiten

Statement of faith & purpose

We are un-apologetically Protestant & Non- Denominational.  

Having declared this we do not deny the varying heritage and traditions that have brought us to our present. We are comprised by histories of Baptist, Holiness, C.O.G.I.C, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Apostolic and a host of others...

While denominations unify bodies of people to a degree, we have found that historically they have been more of barriers that separate Believers in and of Christ. We question these barriers and challenge the theological issues that are not ‘Heaven’ or ‘Hell’ issues, but are more about subjects related to erroneous pedagogy or inaccurate tradition.

According to our Biblical Mandate we teach Sound Doctrine. Many times this pushes or eradicates traditional norm. We evaluate traditions that have been distorted through time and error, those that have no Scriptural Authority or basis. We try these against Traditions that are based upon Scripture, or Biblical Principles . Those that do not grow the Believer, Edify The Body of Christ, and are counter- productive to ministry we disavow.

Everything we do will be E.P.I.. 

Excellence As Kingdom Advocates we will strive to present services with distinction & quality.

ProfessionalismWe will conscientiously display conduct that supports our Faith & Profession. (1Timothy 6: 11 & 12)

IntegritySince you cannot have Holiness without Integrity, we will manifest the quality of being undivided in the codes of Holiness.                                       Integrity is who we are, what we say, and what we do.

Charity - You cannot have true ministry without love, therefore we will exhaustively strive to display the giving character of love in all that we do.

Our Values

These are the qualities that we as a ministry hold dear, and will be reflected in our day to day functions as ministerial service to our communities, the standards by which we will carry out our Mission


Our Mission

Our Mission is to Populate The Kingdom of God through Presenting the Gospel to the world. Endorsing The Kingdom In a way that is Biblically Sound, and Culturally Relevant. Making ministry accessible to all Social, Economic, and Cultural Groups.

Providing complete evidence of Christian service to all people regardless of age, gender, or ethnic affiliation.


Our Beliefs

We believe in the Virgin Birth, the Deity and Humanity of Jesus the Christ. Being the Perfect High Priest, Example and Mediator for mankind. Being the Perfect Sacrifice for the sins of humanity, having satisfied the penalty for sin by the process of and leading up to His Crucifixion. Being Resurrected, securing assess to GOD The Father and Eternal Life. Being GOD manifested in the flesh.

We believe in the Bible as The Infallible Word of GOD. Its divine inspiration establishes its authority and its sufficiency for all matters of life, faith and practice. 2 Timothy 3:16

We believe in the Infilling of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in unlearned 'Tongues' or languages as a sign thereof. Acts 2:4, Mark16:17

We believe in Divine Healing

We believe in a Literal Rapture or Catching Away of deceased and living Believers.

We Believe in Baptism by submersion. We Baptize in the name of The Father, In The Name of The Son, In the name of The Holy Spirit... In Jesus' name, AMEN. We believe this to be the Full Revelation according to the Scriptures, and a formula that unifies Believers of Christ.

We believe in a literal Heaven and a literal Hell as a choice of cognizant individuals. A choice of willful obedience or disobedience of the Word & Will of GOD. Abdication does not grant instant access to Heaven, however through not choosing to follow GOD's Word you do by default choose the only other option.